COVID-19 and Vitamin C

March 26, 2020

Welcome back! We hope you are well during these unpredictable times and are taking the necessary steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Keeping in line with Nutrition Month I decided it would be a good idea to discuss how food can help us better prepare our bodies when viruses like COVID-19 are out there. Join me as we discuss some important vitamins and ways to keep ourselves healthy.

Vitamin C is known to help strengthen our immune system. Studies show, that although Vitamin C might not prevent the common cold, it can help to protect the common cold or flu from becoming something worse such as pneumonia. Obviously, COVID-19 is no common cold or flu, but the same truth still applies. The best thing we can do for ourselves during this time is to increase our consumption of Vitamin C rich foods (oranges, kale, bell peppers, greens like spinach, grapefruit, etc.) to help provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs to fight off illness.

You might be thinking that your glass of orange juice every morning takes care of this and although it does provide some Vitamin C it also provides you with the equivalent of twice the amount of sugar and calories as an orange. For example, if you drank one 8 oz glass of orange juice you would be consuming all the calories and sugar (minus the important fiber) of two whole oranges. The fiber is what protects your body from blood sugar spikes and is beneficial for many other reasons including keeping a healthy digestive system. I encourage you to substitute that glass of OJ for the fruit itself!

Between increasing your Vitamin C through the intake of healthy fruits and vegetables you will increase your intake of fiber and other vitamins giving your body the best defense it needs against COVID-19 and other colds/viruses.

However, the MOST important thing is to continue washing your hands for the length of singing two Happy Birthday songs, cleaning surfaces with disinfectant and avoiding large crowds during this time. We are here for you as well! We have studies going on and are still enrolling! Look at the website to see what we are offering. In the meantime, stay healthy and take the needed steps to keep yourself and loved ones healthy! We’ll see you next time on the blog!

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