Nutrition Month!

March 2, 2020

It’s Nutrition Month!! Welcome back to the blog! This month is so exciting because we are going to focus a little extra on nutrition and the importance of taking care of ourselves! Everyone has heard from mom and grandma they need to eat their vegetables, but rarely has that advice ever sunk in. Well, I invite you to join me on a little journey while we explore what nutrition is all about.

Nutrition is the process of getting food that is necessary for growth and development. Unfortunately, most people, I included, tend to view food in terms of taste and enjoyment more so than as a means to an end. Although food is enjoyable and delicious and brings people together, it is first and foremost the way we nourish and grow our bodies. It is the best medicine and the most important thing we can do to help or harm our bodies.

When we view food in the right context it can alter our perception of ourselves and our relationship with food. Many people suffer from poor relationships with food. Everything from emotional eating, binge eating, excess eating and eating out of boredom rather than hunger.

I encourage you to figure out, by speaking with your doctor, what your nutritional needs are based on your current and goal height, weight and expenditure and stick to them daily. Consume whole plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats) and drink plenty of water each day. Getting the right amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins is key as is vitamins and minerals. I also encourage you to think about how each bite of food will either help or hurt your body. Try to make healthier choices by thinking of the short- and longer-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In the short-term things like feeling energized and light after a meal instead of heavy and lethargic, or feeling in control and satisfied with the choices you made that day instead of guilty or depressed because you made a bad choice.

I know I can always work on this area as well and if you have any ideas I didn’t mention I’d love to hear from you! Incorporating healthy foods, water and exercise into our lives is what living our best life is all about! Check back frequently, we have a new and exciting study coming up, that just might benefit you!  

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